With spring in the air and summer fast approaching, it is a good time for Spring Cleaning.

As I was growing up in rural Illinois, my  stay at home Mama and “housewife”, always tore the house apart from top to bottom during April after a long cold winter.  My Mom would also take the opportunity to purge out the old and organize the new.  As a result, our home was squeaky clean for the hot and lazy summer that followed.

These days, though, spring cleaning has gone “out the window” what with both spouses working, taking care of the kids and all the things that take up our time in this fast paced world in which we live.

Even those who are entering the “Golden Years” seem to be busier and have more complicated lives than our grandparents or even our parents. As a result, the little things like cleaning out the garage or shed takes a back seat to picking up the grandkids from school, working a part-time job, or traveling.

Spring  is a great time to reorganize items, throw out everything that has expired, and even rearrange the furniture has you complete a detailed cleaning.

Before the heat and humidity settles in this summer, consider cleaning the garage or that forgotten backyard shed.  If needing assistance, consider hiring a professional organizer to help purge and reorganize your supplies, equipment, and tools.

Clean and organize this spring and Beat the Heat this summer!