Sometimes organization is easier said than done, even for a professional organizer such as myself.  It’s easy to guide someone else in making the difficult decision to give up precious keepsakes that represent beautiful memories of the past but when I had to make these same decisions, I remembered that  these can be gut-wrenching.   We, as humans, are creators of our senses; our sight, touch, smell and taste all elicit chemical reactions that recreate the thoughts and feelings of past experiences, thus, we love our possessions and will be very protective of them. We keep those possessions that remind us of love, happy times, and significant life events.

And now for my story….

For the last three years, I have been living in Florida and my hubby, who was not ready to retire, was living in California. 5 months ago, he FINALLY decided to retire and move here to be with me.  Many decisions had to be made as we were going to combine the contents of two houses that were as totally different as the east and west coasts of the U.S.

WOW, where to start…..

My husband wanted to get rid of the rattan and wicker furniture that I had bought for our condominium in Florida, I wanted to keep it.  I wanted to get rid of certain pieces of formal furniture in California that hubby wanted to keep.  Decisions, Decisions ….. We had two sets of everything that we loved;  living room sets, bedroom sets, dining room sets, dishes, silverware,  Keepsakes and mementos from 34 years of marriage.  All special and precious to one or to both of us.

The original plan was to sell the 2200 square foot house in California and settle into our 1850 square foot condo. After much discussion, we decided that we would sell both and purchase our “forever” home here in Merritt Island. This was going to be a challenge in that  I wanted to keep both our casual tropical style we had here in Florida and our more formal Country French and Colonial style that was coming from California.

Stay tuned for my next article to see how I blended both styles into one comfortable and cozy home that we love. . .