Organized Creative Designs
It’s a great feeling knowing that Carla is there for my mom, since I moved out of state. Since she is a trained RN, I know that she will recognize health issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. My mom also feels better knowing that there is someone there for her to call if she needs help sorting her mail or cleaning out a closet. They have become close friends and meet regularly.
Stefanie C.
Carla Pickerill is an amazing combination of practical and creative. Shortly after the death of my husband, I hired her to help me sort and organize paperwork, shuffle and remove belongings from my home and improve storage areas. Best of all, she was caring and compassionate during my troubling time. Thank you, Carla for helping me jump start my recovery into this new chapter of my life!
Janet Frey, Palm Bay
I cannot tell you how Carla with Organized Creative Designs has saved the health and relationships within my family. Living with a hoarder has extreme challenges. Interpersonal familial dynamics add more difficulty to the situation. With Carla’s help, the entire family benefited from her calm, decisive, structured approach to working with the hoarder. We are so grateful that the previously unhealthy situation has been resolved. It is with great admiration and respect that I recommend Carla to work with your organizational challenges.
Dr. Maureen Kerrigan, Melbourne
April 10, 2017
Dear Carla,

This letter commends and recommends your work as a professional organizer.
Before meeting you, I worked unsuccessfully with three professional organizers. They seemed inexperienced, and working with them seemed to cause me more stress and worry rather than reducing stress.
My apartment held several decades of memorabilia and papers from teaching, training, writing, and mental health advocacy careers. I also kept gifts, large and small; school and office supplies; craft material and supplies for projects I will never complete; and things I bought to replace items I missplaced in the apartment.
At our initial interview in November 2016, you listened attentively and extensively before suggesting a plan of action. You validated my extreme emotional discomfort with what seemed to me to be an impossible project. You respected my stated belief that, although I couldn’t logically understand it, much of my clutter had very real, deep emotional meaning.
We’ve worked collaboratively from the start, with a plan and schedule that were clear and flexible. We often modified plans and schedules to meet my emotional, physical, time- management, and financial needs. You utilize constructive feedback, suggestions, options, encouragement, and support to help me reach my goals.
My mental and other physical health have significantly improved in the four and a half months you have worked for/with me. I have more energy and time to do things I enjoy.
I value your professionalism and expertise in organizing and problem solving. I look forward to retaining your services until I feel comfortable with my home and my life.
I have recommended you to friends and associates.
You are welcome to forward this letter, with my contact information, to prospective and new customers. When I was looking for a professional organizer, I would have liked to see reviews from other customers.

Jean McPhaden, MEd, Melbourne
January 11, 2020
Dear Carla:

The Ladies of Auxiliary Council #6125 wish to thank you for being our guest speaker on Thursday, January 9th We appreciate that you were able to give us your time and share both your enthusiasm and expertise on organizing and downsizing with us.
We all found your presentation informative and you were very knowledgeable. In addition, it was great that we were able to take away a few strategies and tips on how to organize and downsize our homes.
What I found very interesting is how people form strong emotional and mental attachments to ordinary items that to the outside world would probably seem insignificant.
I believe that some of the ladies may be calling you for assistance. I will also get the word out amongst my friends and family too. I feel that you offer a beautiful service that many people, including myself find beneficial.
I wish you all the best in your business and in the upcoming year.

Carla came into my life at the most opportune time. On a recent visit to an elderly relative in Florida, I realized that she needed major purging and reorganizing to be able to safely stay in her home. She was keenly aware of this, but felt helpless. Because I live out of state, I was of little help—until I heard about Carla. We walked through the home together and I was immediately impressed and reassured by Carla’s calm approach, thoughtfulness, practical suggestions, keen eye, and compassion for the situation. I knew she was the answer. She accomplished what turned out to be a huge undertaking in a very efficient and careful manner and, as I had returned home while she was doing this, she stayed in close touch, contacting me whenever she had a question. We were very excited about the results! Carla did an amazing job in a timely fashion, with care and understanding, and for a very fair price.
Rhonda Quick –Crystal Lake Il.