Happy New Year to All!  Or at least it is supposed to be happy. . . . Many individuals (me included) sigh in relief that we have once again managed to get through the holidays relatively unscathed. What with all the stress, hustle and bustle, from Thanksgiving through the New Year, we can feel anxious, and overwhelmed. When living in a cluttered chaotic environment, these feelings can be so severe that it can be detrimental to mental and physical health.

Many individuals make New Year resolutions to clean up their cluttered environment only to fail because they don’t know where to start.

January is Professional Organizers Month so start the New Year right and make a call to a professional organizer who can assist in helping you declutter and organize your life in order to achieve peace and tranquility.

Whether interacting with just an individual or an extended family, the professional organizer will conduct a thorough assessment including the identification of defined roles and responsibilities of family members, the organizational (or lack thereof) issues that are the most concerning or frustrating, the traffic patterns of the environment, use of space, aesthetics,  accessibility, and organizational systems currently being used.

Once identified, the professional organizer, along with the client(s), will determine the degree of concern and likely outcome for each project in order to prioritize where to start.

The professional organizer will then work with the individual or family to develop an action plan with reasonable time frames to get the job done. There are two ways that a professional organizer can work with the client(s); with the coaching approach, the clients complete the projects on their own with periodic visits from the professional organizer who will offer guidance and support. With a One-On-One approach, the professional organizer works alongside the client(s) in order to complete the project. These approaches can be customized to meet the various needs of the client(s).

When hiring professional organizer, consider your choice carefully.  Many professional organizers offer a free evaluation.  Use this time to consider if the professional organizer is a good “ fit”, in other words, someone you feel comfortable working with.  Sorting and purging your personal belongings can be very emotional and the right professional organizer can guide you through decisions with compassion but at the same time  ask questions in an assertive manner in order for  you to make a rational decision to keep or let go of a particular belonging.

I have found that the role of a professional organizer is not to just “deal with the stuff” but to teach client(s) the techniques to cast away the chaos, instill the power of discipline in order to avoid regressing back into a cluttered and disorganized environment and, most importantly, to develop a sense of serenity from within so the client(s) can continue to enjoy their new comfortable organized home for many years to come.