Carla Pickerill, Professional Organizer

Carla Pickerill, Professional OrganizerCarla Pickerill, BSN, RN, is a Professional Organizer with over 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Recently retired as an RN Case Manager, she was looking for a way to continue providing valuable services to her community. Since she has a tendency to be highly organized, sometimes to the extreme, she decided to become a Professional Organizer.

Carla is well versed on the diverse needs of families. She is skilled at handling situations where there is a high level of complexity involved with the household circumstances. From helping coordinate the care of an elderly parent to cleaning out the kid’s bedroom, Carla provides her clients a customized set of solutions for their problems.

Through Organized Creative Designs, Carla helps families through difficult times. Her goal is to help solve problems, reduce stress, and improve safety. She specializes in working with senior citizens, as they often need the most assistance with downsizing, creating a handicap accessible home, or transitioning after the loss of a spouse.

Although she specializes in helping seniors, Carla thoroughly enjoys helping busy working families, too. Cleaning out closets, organizing the children’s bedroom, or straightening out the kitchen cabinets are all things that can reduce the stress, improve mental clarity, and promote a harmonious household. There is no job too big or too small for Carla. She looks forward to helping you and your family.

Carla Pickerill, Professional Organizer

Carla Pickerill, BSN, RN, will come to your organization and lecture about topics, such as creating a safe and healthy environment at home, adding simplicity to your life, how to live an organized life, gaining control of your home, downsizing, and much more.