Sometimes organization is easier said than done, even for a professional organizer such as myself.   In Part 2, I described the process my husband and I went through in order to combine two homes into one.  We kept the best of the furniture, kitchenware, linens, and appliances. We tried to limit our keepsakes and treasures, however when you have been married 30 plus years, we accumulated more than I thought. When I first walked into this house I knew it was the “one”.  The character and feeling of the house was warm and inviting. The success of finding the right [...]

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Organization: Easier Said Than Done Part II

Sometimes organization is easier said than done, even for a professional organizer such as myself.   In my article last month I described the challenging situation I was faced with when my husband decided to retire from his job in California and join me here in Florida.  After we decided to sell our residences in both states and purchase a home this was the process we followed: The first decision made were the “must haves” for the purchase of our home: Two car garage, a “man cave” where my husband could tinker, a library where he could work, an office space [...]

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Organization: Easier Said Than Done Part I

Sometimes organization is easier said than done, even for a professional organizer such as myself.  It’s easy to guide someone else in making the difficult decision to give up precious keepsakes that represent beautiful memories of the past but when I had to make these same decisions, I remembered that  these can be gut-wrenching.   We, as humans, are creators of our senses; our sight, touch, smell and taste all elicit chemical reactions that recreate the thoughts and feelings of past experiences, thus, we love our possessions and will be very protective of them. We keep those possessions that remind us [...]

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Spring Cleaning is in The Air!

With spring in the air and summer fast approaching, it is a good time for Spring Cleaning. As I was growing up in rural Illinois, my  stay at home Mama and “housewife”, always tore the house apart from top to bottom during April after a long cold winter.  My Mom would also take the opportunity to purge out the old and organize the new.  As a result, our home was squeaky clean for the hot and lazy summer that followed. These days, though, spring cleaning has gone “out the window” what with both spouses working, taking care of the kids [...]

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Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year to All!  Or at least it is supposed to be happy. . . . Many individuals (me included) sigh in relief that we have once again managed to get through the holidays relatively unscathed. What with all the stress, hustle and bustle, from Thanksgiving through the New Year, we can feel anxious, and overwhelmed. When living in a cluttered chaotic environment, these feelings can be so severe that it can be detrimental to mental and physical health. Many individuals make New Year resolutions to clean up their cluttered environment only to fail because they don’t know where [...]

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Goodbye Nursing,Hello Professional Organizing!

  You are probably wondering how I went from nursing to professional organizing.  Here is my story. Since I can remember, I always wanted to be a nurse. When I was 16, I told my father that I wanted to go to nursing school after high school graduation.  His response was:  “If I am going to pay for nursing school, you need to start at the bottom to see if you can handle it.”  Four weeks later, I was working every weekend as a nurse’s aide at a nursing home and have been in the nursing field ever since. I [...]

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How Professional Organizing Can Help De-stress Your Life

Are you having trouble finding that certain bill that you need to pay today? Are you so frustrated with all the clutter in your home that you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t even feel like cleaning? Do you feel that you spend all your time looking for things that you know should be in a specific place? Do you ever feel that there are not enough hours in the day to do everything? In our fast paced and hectic life, trying to juggle the full-time job, kids, spouse, aging parents, plus a social life, the last thing we want to [...]

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